Auto & Boat Cleaning

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Enjoy a Clean Ride

You probably spend a considerable amount of time in your car every day. During this time, your car endures spills, dampness, dirt from your shoes, and many other things that can leave it looking worse for wear and not smelling as fresh as you'd like.

Turn to Eagle Carpet Cleaning for routine auto upholstery and auto carpet cleaning services to remove the ground-in dirt, aging stains, and unpleasant odors! Our family and locally-owned business will work hard to give you a cleaner, fresher ride. Contact us today for a FREE estimate

Keep Your Car Neat and Clean

Your car is an expression of your personality and how clean you keep the interior will speak volumes. Make sure you're saying the right things to everyone who sees your vehicle by keeping it clean and neat. If you use your car for business, this is especially important to make a good impression on clients and coworkers.